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Personal branding? Yes, but not only... A few words, couple colors and nice graphics can help understand who I am and what I can offer. 

I've just read on LinkedIn that branding is all about what people say about you... More than about what you can say to people. Does it sound paradoxical if I agree with this statement?

Here we are; a world of paradoxes. Full of passion and creativity I have been raised to think differently, to find solutions so as to market opportunities. 

The top qualities in my Marketing and Management styles are:

  • fast learner, solutions finder

  • organization skills, committed 

  • entrepreneur, extremely dynamic

I speak French and English at a professional level. Hebrew is good. ​

As a hard working professional I am dedicated to any mission I have the opportunity to work on. From the starting project to global corporations I am keen on deploying my marketing method... and spark! 

Want to know more? Give me the opportunity to reach you!

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