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My interests are all about LEARNING. I like to read books and publications about Human Science. I have a few references I keep and share as timeless reminders. 

I can quote from Stephen Covey, who wrote the 7 habits who demonstrates how coaching others is all about managing oneself first. I definitely agree! As a transition, I consider management as a whole process. Thus, I get more and more interested in Mindfulness (health, food, physical activity) and especially what people commonly call alternative medicines.  

Moreover, I like to publish articles and edit web content especially on Management. I gained practical tools both from my training and professional backgrounds. Because of the new aspects of the Organizations, the new manager has to be aware and be able to fulfill his team accordingly. This is my way of constantly looking for bringing the best to any project I am working on.

Therefore, as a business leader I keep getting interested in making myself grow to provide efficient motivation management and results. By the way, have a look at my last piece on Emotional Intelligence!

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