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A career is about growing.


My core asset centers around the business environment. Strong preference for start ups eventhough I worked for global companies during my career. Marketing, that is "how to market", is what I can do best. Upon entering a business, I am swiftly able to understand its gears. My marketing vision stems from strong analytical skills and possibly an adequate marketing instinct! 


Phase 1: Sales. Phase 2: Negotiation. I raised the taste for negotiation when I was Key Account Manager for a global firm in the dairy industry in France. Negotiation is not just about win-win... it is all about customer satisfaction. Therefore, I can state that the best way to suit customer's expectations is to precisely identify his need. Negotiation is a technics. Therefore this skill requires a precise method. Method I gained especially thanks to a pretty good coach from the Stimuli agency


As well as reading, writing fits me well. I found it not easy to find good quality content. Therefore, I decided to write on various topics myself. I trained thanks to two main platforms: Moz and HubSpot. Moz' tools on SEO for beginners is well done and I can recommend it. HubSpot is all about Inbound Marketing. The final customer can judge and support himself the quality of the product/service he is getting. Fair.

Moreover, I write various articles in French and English for Small and Medium size companies. I am part of those who are convinced that digital marketing is a must. Digital marketing is a promotion channel which should rely on a strong marketing strategy designed upfront. 

Google Analytics Certification: passed.

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